Google’s Search Bar On iPhone Cost $1 Billion To Keep It Lively Running

Wonder how! Talking about Google made a payment of $1 billion to Apple in 2014, to only keep its search bar on iPhone, reason why the serach engine present and showing up on iOS ecosystem. According to Bloomberg, it all happens to be the whole reason why Goog’es search bar has been a tixture on Apple devices for years and when it was accepted Android being iOS’s big competitor.

Details in court proceedings from Oracle vs Google lawsuit wsa been discovered by Bloomberg. Oracle has been fighting against Google since 2010 over the serach giant’s use of Oracle’s Java software in the development of Android. Layers of Oracle has however got their hands on internal Google finances, which were shown up in the court, before Google’s attorneys pleaded to have the transcript redacted and sealed.

As per Oracle’s laywers or confirmed nor denied by Google’s side about “Google paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 to only keep its serach bar on iPhone devices.” Later the two companies have a revenue sharing agreement to split any profits Google makes from devices from Apple.

It seems that Google search may be like an iPhone essential, but it’s interesting to see what it actually implies. If Google suffers a lean year and doesn’t generate more cash to Apple, you could be back going to Yahoo search on your iDevices.

Oracle on the other hand also alleged that Google has made a sum of $22 billion in profit to date from the Android operating system, which was presented in the same court case. No Android-specific financials from its main business has been leaked, but the documents claim revenue of $31 billion and profits of $22 billion. Generated by Google of the revenue solely from selling apps and Ads. Hefty figure, isn’t it? But still only equal to about has a year of selling iPhones. Makes sense!

Thanks Bloomberg and Gizmodo.

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