Google’s 2016 Nexus Phones May Be Called Pixel And Pixel XL, Release Date Expected On October 4

Nexus 2016 with  G logo, lack of Nexus branding

It seems Google has its own plans for the next-generation Nexus device names, after decided to part away Nexus branding. A new report surfaced claiming that this year’s Google Nexus 2016 smartphones will carry a name Pixel and Pixel XL. Could be expected to launch later this month or in the first week of October.

According to an anonymous source told Android Police that HTC-made Sailfish and Marlin Nexus phones will no longer show the Nexus branding. Rather, Google would introduce the Pixel brand name, which it used with the high-end Android Pixel C tablet range, launched alongside two Pixel Chromebooks last year. The source also suggests that Google plans to promote and market Pixel and Pixel XL Nexus phones as the “first devices built by Google” itself.

It was already said that Google is getting rid of Nexus branding on its upcoming phones, so it might announce two new Pixel smartphones with an upgraded 4K-capable Chromecast that will be called either Chromecast Plus or the Chromecast Ultra.

While the Sailfish with 5-inch will be called as Pixel and the 5.5-inch Marlin will be the Pixel XL, if the aforementioned report is anything to go by. Previous reports also given the fact that both the HTC built Sailfish and Marlin to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, 4GB RAM, and 12MP cameras on-board. Now that this latest report claiming something different, even from the names as well.

Finally, Google will also be unveiling Daydream VR – the so-called Daydream View at the next event, not officially confirmed on October 4th.

(Via: Android Police)

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