High-Res Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Leaked Photos Shows The Upcoming In Full Glory

Although it was the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge debuted but no selling quite as quickly as Samsung have expected, the likely upcming but yet-unannunced release of the Galaxy Note 5 will be very important one for the company. With the Note lineup, Samsung may end carrying the faltering smartphone division this year, and apparently means the Note 5 has to get off to a perfect start.

No official from Samsung, but leaks will always happen and we now have some higher-resolution photographs of what appears to be of the highly-anticipated Samsung’s new larger-screened smartphone, aka Phablet. Generally to be called the Galaxy Note 5, the handset garunteed in the photographs has the rumored dual-curved glass back panel which we have been expecting as well as telltale S Pen that is now the calling card of the Galaxy Note segment.

As expected, the consrtuction of the new Galaxy Note 5 is similar to the Galaxy S6 in that it features a metal frame and glass front and back that gives the gadget a more solid appearance and feel than the plastic used historically. If these photos are to become a reality, then we have no reason tto doubt them, and the Galaxy Note 5 will be a nice looking phone indeed. With Samsung press event now set for August 13th, Galaxy Note 5 along with Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be announced at the said event.


With high-end smartphones, Samsung’s decision to opt for a more premium look and feel as competition in the larger-screen smartphone market, which has now been increased since Apple entered the party with iPhone 6 Plus in September last year. Samsung will be hoping that the Galaxy Note 5 can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s hardware. If the leaked photos are to be accurate, it certainly won’t fall short on looks.

What do you think of the new Galaxy Note 5? Highly-anticipated!

(source: Nowhereelse.fr)

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