Hike Messenger Now Allows Free Voice Calling With “Hike Calls” Feature

As promised, Hike Messenger has introduced its new free voice calling in India. Called Hike Calls, allows user to make a free call via 2G/3G network or over WiFi across the globe and enabled it over 200 countries worldwide.


Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, Hike messenger, in a press release said:

While building free hike calls, we kept two things in mind. Firstly, India is a very cost sensitive market and as a result we’ve ensured that our service is extremely efficient on data. It means our users can pack in more minutes per MB when calling on hike. Secondly, we’ve made hike’s free calling service available globally in over 200+ countries. Hikers from India can now speak with their loved ones in India and across the world for free.

Hike’s recent Zip Phone acquisition made it possible, which is an US based firm allows international voice calls with an internet connection. For Android, Hike voice calling feature is upcoming and no word on the roll out for iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone as yet mentioned.

How to use Hike Messenger to make voice calls? In order to do that, Hike users have to open their friends profile and then click on the dailer icon there. That’s it! The company also claims that Hike Calls have been optimized to consume very little data, on the other hand giving users more calling minutes per MB of data used.

Hike Messenger would be the big competitor to WhatsApp, Hike with 35 million user base in India – secured $65 million in funding from BSB and Tiger Blobal in August 2014. Just yesterday by announcing its users are more than 700 million, it make WhatsApp a bit worry!

However, WhatsApp is already in works on bringing voice calling feature this year with the social-media giant, Facebook this year.

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