How Much It Costs To Talk A WhatsApp Voice Call For One Minute; Details

According to a new research which revealed that WhatsApp calling could be costing you a small freak. To make WhatsApp vice calls, you’ll however require a mobile data network or WiFi connection, then only it allows users to talk with your friends and family using WhatsApp free phone calls to contacts, anywhere in the world. More details on how musch WhatsApp calls cost when talking for one minute can be checked right after this jump.

The oft-mentioned was reported by the Daily Express, and yet another tester revealed something uncertain, by AndroidPit – revbeals that WhatsApp cice calling now available on Android and recently enabled on iPhone app, uses 1.3MB of data per minute.

Chatting at a rate of 1.3Mb of data per minute will burn through a 500MB monthly data plan in just 6 hours, which apparently equals to 11 minutes of call time per day. Great.

Instant messaging and Voice over IP app Viber claims to use 240Kb per minute during phone calls for free of cost. Interesting to note that, yes, WhatsApp calling and chatting may go beyond your affordable data plans. Use WiFi only and not the 3G/4G LTE on your phones while making calls to your WhatsApp contacts.

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