How To Make Gmail Account Safe, Giphy Makes Email Slightly Less Terrible, Easily Add GIFs Using Slick Chrome Extension

Three in a row of the great new Chrome extension called ‘Giphy’, builds an animated image search engine right into your editor. Every party invitation email needs a GIF, and whatsoever wants to go to the trouble of doing a Google image search to find the perfect one. Giphy, is such extension makes emails slightly less horrendous with Gmail extension (add-on). It’s the GIF search-and-share service we all know and love, has just inserted itself into your Compose window. More details on how to get Giphy and secure your Google Gmail account can be found right after this fold.


First and foremost, we’ll be talking about Giphy, nifty little Chrome extension that will now be available directly witin the Compose window of Gmail. After installing the extension, users will find Giphy’s rainbow icon in their edit bar, click on that to bring up a search bar and a few trending animations which can be then inserted inline. I bet you won’t be needing any emoji’s anymore. Search, choose, click, and your GIF is embedded and ready to be sent in the email.


You can now download the Giphy for Gmail extension, just click on the link here. It will be a SLAM DUNK! Needs Chrome Web Browser running to get it into your Gmail Inbox.

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