HTC Sense Home Adds New Features, Themes And More, Available From Google Play Store

HTC although by renaming its BlinkFeed app to Sense Home, has updated it with a bunch of new features, tweaks et al that bring some of the best inclusions to the newly launched HTC One M9 over to existing devices. More details about the HTC Sense Home features after this jump!

HTC Sense Home brings Sense 7 UI tweaks to One M8
The updated Sense Home now includes HTC Themes and the Sense Home widget, and also adds some other new tweaks to customize your smartphone. User will find a complete set of themes aka Skins that let you design your phone by changing colors, fonts, wallpapers and icons altogether.

For Themes and high quality designs can also be browsed through the Sense Home app’s catalog. In addition, the app gains support from Tumblr as well, so are you ready to customize your handsets. Swiping to the right reveals our old friend BlinkFeed, which still arranges news stories and social updates. You can download, create and customize your Themes to give your aging phone some personal flair. Say hello to HTC Sense Home.

BlinkFeed Launcher Becomes HTC Sense Home, Brings Best Themes And Better Widget Senses
About the Sense Home widget, that is currently the recent app as per users location like work and home. Offers suggestions for apps that haven’t download as yet. The whole app features are present in the new Sense Home application that is fully compatible with the HTC One M8, but some of those tweaks run on M7. In order to use it, users will also need to have installed the latest version of HTC Service Pack. Download links for the BlinkFeed and Service Pack apps can be found here.

-> HTC Sense Home Launcher

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