HTC Tipped To Unveil Two Nexus Smartphones, Codenamed Marlin And Saifish

Internally dubbed Mi and S1, HTC’s new Google Nexus devices. Codenamed Marlin and Sailfish. Multiple reports suggest that HTC is owrking on a pair Nexus flagships, reportedly will launch this year. Earlier this year, it was also speculated that Google will collaborate with the Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC to build its new Nexus devices. Rumored the phones to be called as Nexus M1 and Nexus S1 internally. But today, a new report have surfaced claiming that the new Nexus device s made by HTC will be codenamed T50 and T55.

2016 HTC Nexus flagships with Android N leaks

According to the @evleaks report, suggests these two HTC-made Nexus smartphones will be coming with a different architecture and upgraded design and specs. Legitimate news or not is unknown at the moment, but the fact here is that HTC’s internal model numbers are probably used upon the codenames Google current plans to use for the devices; Marlin and Sailfish. History repeats with Google naming its Nexus devices after aquatic life, the current LG-made Nexus 5X and Huawei-made Nexus 6P are Bullhead and Angler, respectively. While the Nexus 6 was named Shamu and the Nexus 5 as Hammerhead, and on.

That’s said, it is possible those titles could stick: the naming scheme fits given HTC built the original Nexus One, and there are only ways you can name phones after their screen sizes before the imagination gets stale. A previous report also suggested information Google wants to take control over the Nexus program, bringing the devices more in line with its Pixel devices. Google originally designs Pixel devices without the aid of a third-party manufacturer. While this new approach would see Google exercising tighter control over its new Nexus designs, even foregoing partner branding.

Taking the newly launched HTC 10, which may not have the most exciting feature list, but nevertheless, has managed to import minila customization UI’s around, even that saying it worked directly with Google to reduce unneccessary features and custome apps. Android users in millions, especially looking into Nexus devices, will take minimal bloatware over more features.

Given the fact that HTC is already designing phones with a lighter touch-sensitive than the usual, it seems best posied to build this year’s Nexus hardware. References to Marlin found in the AOSP Gerrit code review tool confirms the existence of the phone. Confirmed by the Qualcomm engineer, it seems Google be testing Snapdragon 820 chipset for its next Nexus device, whereas the Nexus 6P already using SD820, 4GB of RAM and Android N has also emerged on benchmarking list, Geekbench with 2115 single-core and 4901 multi-core results.


Should see the light of launch during Google I/O conference, sheduled on May 18. Android N final is set to be released this summer. However, Nexus launches normally coinside with new versions of Android, so there’s a full chance we’ll hear more about the HTC Nexus devices in just a few weeks from now.

(Source: Android Police)

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