Revealed: Meet Hydrogen-Powered Battery Integrated Into iPhone 6, Powers It For A Week

Believe it! A Britsih company called Intellegent Energy has evidently created the world’s first hydrogen-powered battery that could be integrated into smartphone devices. The company, which has researched for it over the last two decades within energy research and development roles, and finally has created a functioning prototype of its revolutionary battery technology. Reportedly, it has been integrated into an Apple iPhone 6, utilizing the headphone socket as a refuel port for the required hydrogen.

Intelligent Energy's miniaturised fuel cell fits inside the existing iPhone 6 chassis alongside the battery
This unique iPhone 6 prototype contains a standard rechargeable battery as well as Intellegent Energy’s own patended technology, which imminently creates its magic charging capabilities by fusing together hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, the byproduct of which, is a relatively small amount of heat and water. The working prototype on iPhone is said to have been developed as part of a close working relationshp with Apple, and both the companies are excited to explore potential possibilities for dramatically improving battery life with smartphones.

In this particular breakthrough, the interesting part is the company worked with Apple to produce a fuel cell system that could see an iPhone last for a week without needing a recharge, nevertheless also managed to achieve that without requiring any physical dimenstional amendement to the device. In fact as far as the iPhone 6 prototype goes, the only witnessing difference between it and a retail iPhone unit, are a few vents on the rear of the device that allow for an extremely slight amount of water vapor that is created by the chemical reaction, to escape.

Henri Winand, chief executive of Intelligent Energy, is naturally enthusiastic about what his company has been able to achieve whilst working alongside the iPhone manufacturer.

We have now managed to make a fuel cell so thin we can fit it to the existing chassis without alterations and retaining the rechargeable battery. This is a major step because if you are moving to a new technology you have to give people a path they are comfortable with.


Currently, there is no official word on whether or not Apple is currently considering plans to include this technology in future iPhone devices, nor this innovative technology makes it onto marketable devices, but we don’t see any reason why it could be ruled out either.

Intellegent Energy however concedes that the Hydrogen-power technology will only prove successful if manufacturers show an immediate interest in exploring the possibilities fairly.

(Source: The Telegraph) (Via: RedmondPie)

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