Intel To Replace TI Chips In The New Version Of Google Glass Next Year [Report]

Google Glass is a head-mounted wearable resembling a pair of spectacles that allow people to view the Internet and take pictures and that is not all. But it can also let user to do something more innovative in a easy manner and well talking about the first version of the device, it used a TI processor, and not gain much popularity due to its high price and privacy concerns. Last month it was thought that future of Google Glass seems to be abandoning, because a number of developers and early Glass adopters are beginning to lose that initial excitement and appeal in the product and in particular the app developers are dropping the device.

Apart the aforementioned, Google now reportedly working on a newer model of Google Glass. Intel will replace Texas Instruments in the G Glass, according to the Wall Street Journal. Although, Google Glass was initially prompted as a consumer gadget but Intel on the other hand plans to promote the next version as a workplace-computing device, to hospitals and manufacturers.

Remind you that earlier this year, Google announced that it was pushing the Glass for business uses with a program called “Glass at Work”, and said that employees of oilfield services company Schlumberger are using Glass to improve safety and efficiency. Where as the Google partners are prompting workplace uses of Glass, the Internet giant still views it primarily as a consumer device and more than 300 Google employees work on Glass, and fewer than 5% focus on Glass at Work, according to a person familiar with such business (via Forbes).

Back to the future Google Glass chipset integration. Intel, if you don’t know has already partnered with Fox Foundation to create the technology and software to better monitor and treat Parkinson’s disease using wearable devices and the company has also partnered with renowned rapper 50 Cent to create fitness-tracking headphones as well. Last month, Intel officially launched its MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) smart bracelet, which is a feminine fashion accessory designed by Opening Ceremony and engineered by Intel, with communication capabilities.

Known and unknown, Intel chips currently power Google servers, and the two companies are working to advance Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems altogether. Intel’s Xeon chips were already used in Google’s self-driving Cars, and its Atom chips are exclusively used in the new Nexus Player, which is the new Google streaming-media device. Intel currently derives less than 10% of its valuation and approximately 5% of its revenue from the Internet-of-Things segment.

Now, Intel going to replace TI in the new version of Google Glass eye-wearable next year and believed that accelerating its entry in wearable augurs well for Intel’s long term growth potential. When the Intel powered Google Glass hit the markets is unknown!

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