iOS 10 Announced: New Features, Redesigns, Makeover, Release Date And More

Apple has made iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch official at its WWDC 2016 keynote in San Fransisco and is now running through the major new features we can expect from its big upgrade. Officially announced and provided us with the first glance of iOS 10.


Apple’s annual developer conference has become almost as much about what gets unveiled during the opening keynote as it is about he actual knowledge and engineer sessions that are offered to developers throughout the WWDC week. Tim Cook and his executives team have stood tall at the front of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to provide us with our first look into iOS 10.

Announced iOS 10 with 10 major features and redesigns. All the new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch features grabbed from the Apple’s next major release of iOS has been heavily speculated about over the last few months. There’s been plenty of Internet chatter about whether or not Apple would look forward with a slew of new major updates and features, or whether or not it would go down the route of solidifying and stabilizing the platform ahead of the iPhone 7 launch later this year.

Here’s what we got everything to know is about iOS 10, including all the new features, as well as compatibility and release date.


-Redesigned Lock Screen


iOS 10 has redesigned the Lock screen. On the lock and home screen side of things, Apple’s iOS 10 giving it a clear background even when notifications are in view, a search bar at the top and a host of info, including notifications, appointments, Map suggestions and Siri App Suggestions, presented in real cards with rounded corners. Debuted a new “rich notifications” system that lets users get more info from various apps without unlocking their iPhone.

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-Interactive Notifications


The update will also introduce a “clear all” feature for Notification Center notifications, and a better way to access the iPhone’s camera and widgets by sliding left or right, respectively, from the lock screen. Fans of the Quick Reply feature are bound to love this one. iOS 10 introduces interactive notifications to the platform, allowing users to view media or respond to messages with full view of the thread, right from the notification view.

Gets – 3D Touch-Powered Interactive Widgets


With iOS 10, certain apps are getting the capability to display an interactive widget of info with a 3D Touch-powered hard-press. These include Stocks, Weather and Calendar.

-Messages Updates


One of the more notable updates in iOS 10 centers around messages. Apple believes the handful of new Message features in iOS 10 will bring more “personal and expressive” ways to communicate with friends and family, with a roster of new text message abilities including text balloon animations, invisible ink, enlarged emoji, and animated handwritten notes. The new and improved Messages app in iOS 10 promises more expressive conversations with the addition of stickers, full-screen effects like balloons flying across the screen or confetti dropping down from the top.

Users can now view or play shared content such as web links or music right within the Messages app and easily insert hard-to-find emoji through the use of automatic suggestions, which can replace a word of choice with the appropriate emoticon. Funny new feature called Tapback allows you to respond to a message much like Facebook allows you to react to posts.

On top of all that, Messages is being opened to developers. The app now integrates an “app drawer” of its own era that will allow users to quickly jump to the App Store to download “iMessage apps” and then use them to do all manner of things from customizing GIFs to sending payments to a friend.


-Maps Redesign And Extensions


Maps is getting a redesign in iOS 10 as well, featuring larger buttons and typefaces. With that said, Apple’s Maps new look makes it “simpler and even more intuitive to use”. The stock Maps app in iOS has seldom been deemed a viable alternative to the likes of Google Maps. Now it seems Apple is finally gearing up to fix the problem. Not only has Maps been given a fresh coat of paint, it can also provide proactive suggestions for places you are likely to visit from your current location, and the ability to search for places of interest, even while receiving turn-by-turn directions.


The most significant change here, is that the app’s ability to integrate with third-party extensions, allowing users to make reservations at restaurants, book Uber rides and pay for it all through Apple Pay without ever having to leave the app. The app has also been been made more intelligent, scanning your calendar or assessing your routine and delivering directions proactively. Once a route is planned, the updated Maps app can search the route for gas stations and more, even telling you how long a pit stop would effect your trip. Finally, Apple Maps is now open to third-party extensions, allowing you to make reservations via OpenTable within Maps or calling a ride from services like Uber.


-Apple Music Revamp


It looks like Apple Music will get its long-rumored significant redesign in iOS 10, which is shared with an updated version of Apple News. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, allowing Apple to handle all of your music streaming needs across multiple devices, then iOS 10 will undoubtedly appeal to you. iOS 10 still continues to promote Apple Music as a perfect streaming option through the native Music app, but nevertheless, Apple has seen fit to make some changes that will hopefully improve the overall experience.

The Library, For You, Browse and Radio tabs in iOS 10’s Apple Music have all been revamped with the new design language, and Apple has added a Search tab to make it easier to discover for new music. First of all, there’s been a redesign of certain views within Apple Music to try and allow users to more easily find and search new content.

The Music app in iOS 10 now opens to the Library section, there’s a separate Search tab, and For You page puts additional emphasis on album artwork to bring your music collection to life. Although Apple Music has also gained support for lyrics.

Secondly, it seems that after trying to push the ability to “connect” with artists when Apple Music was initially unveiled, the company has concerned that it just hasn’t been executed correctly and doesn’t really warrant a section of its own. To that end, Connect expected, will no longer command its own tab bar item in the main feature, and will instead form part of the For You experience within iOS 10.

The Radio and Now Playing screens also been refreshed, with the latter sporting a card-based UI and, support for song lyrics now.

-Siri Improvements And SiriKit


iOS 10 will also include a public API for Siri, allowing developers to plug into Apple’s personal assistant. Improvements to Siri have been a long time coming. Well, with iOS 10, Siri most probably improves and becomes a lot smarter than it currently is tahnks to the new SiriKit SDK that opens the assistant to third-party developers for integration into App Store apps – a whole new wrld of possibilities ranging from using Siri for booking tops and handling payments to controlling CarPlay apps while on the go.

Users will now be able to use Siri to make VoIP calls, send messages through messaging apps like WhatsApp and hail cabs from services like Uber. Additionally, iOS 10 will include smaller updates like Split View within Safari for iPad and a new Bedtime Alarm mode in the Clock app that allows users to set a regular sleep schedule and reminders for their bedtime.

In addition, the digital assistant has been upgraded with new QuickType capabilities that will allow it to offer contextual predictions and information within the stock keyboard.

-Photos App Improvements And New Memories Feature


The second phase of iOS 10’s new features radically focuses on additing new abilities into Apple’s already well-known apps. The first is a new “Memories” tab in the Photos app that will intelligently draw out specific photos — thanks to the facial recognition and geo filters — to dynamically group together family vacations and special memories ala Facebook’s On This Day offering. The tab collects photos from a trip, a get-together, or based on the people in your albums, and automatically sorts them into a collection called a Memory, which utterly contains the Memory Movie – a auto-generated video that contains all shots and clips from the collection punctuated by customizable titles, transactions and background music.

Made possible through “facial object and scene recognition” built into iOS 10. The same capability will also allow you to search for photos by the people or objects within them. The app will also now create slideshows with the photos and videos users take within each album, without the need for intensive editing software.


-Apple Pay Updates


iOS 10 introduces the ability to use Apple Pay to pay for goods and services through supporting websites online. While the Apple Pay team is continuing to push the payment platform into different markets worldwide as part of growing partnership with financial institutions, Apple’s engineers are developing the platform from a functionality perspective.

As aforementioned, through the use of Maps extensions and iMessage apps, users should be able to employ Apple Pay for per-to-peer payments. iOS 10 users will be able to send cash through Apple Pay directly to them, right from within Maps or Messages.

-New Home App For HomeKit


With the announcement of iOS 10, the Cupertino company has debuted a new Home app that allows users to easily manage and control all of their HomeKit devices in one place. Of course, it’s highly powerful app for HomeKit called Home into iOS 10. Rather having to use multiple third-party apps to control different aspects of the connected home, Apple now allows users to invoke the power of the new app to interact with and control all HomeKit-compatible hardware, either individually or in custom groups, through one powerful interface. Scenes allow users to affect all of the devices with a single command.

-New Raise To Wake Feature

iOS 10 comes with a new Raise to wake feature that instantly turns on your iPhone’s screen as you pick it up, offering you a quick look at your Lock screen and any notifications you might have awaiting for you.

-Other Features And Improvements

Meanwhile, the redesigned News app features a revamped For You section that’s broken down into sections that include trending news and specialized topics that users have indicated interest in. The purpose of which is similar to the tab by the same name in the Music app.


Apple has also introduced a new privacy feature for iOS called Differential Privacy, which allows Apple to discover user habits to improve AI features without compromising privacy. To collect usage data and offer better QuickType and emoji suggestions within the stock keyboard from “a large number of users without compromising individual privacy.”

Starting with iOS 10, Apple is using technology called Differential Privacy to help discover the usage patterns of a large number of users without compromising individual privacy. In iOS 10, this technology will help improve QuickType and emoji suggestions, Spotlight® deep link suggestions and Lookup Hints in Notes.”

You can also delete stock apps and redownload them straight from the App Store and the stock keyboard in iOS 10 lets you type in multiple languages without having to switch keyboards.


For a list of devices that are compatible with iOS 10, check out our post here: iOS 10 Beta 1 Compatibility For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch And Download Links.

Release Date

The first developer preview of iOS 10 beta has been made available to download, and a public beta program will begin in July, while the full and final version of iOS 10 will be available to everyone this fall.

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