iOS 11 Beta 3 Download Expected Release Date

The iPhone & iPad community is now sitting on iOS 11 beta 2, predictions surrounding on just when will we see beta 3 land, and what will it include?

Apple’s iOS 11 public beta and even developer version seed proven itself to be an instant hit with those who are taking the opportunity to test and interact with the platform from a development perspective. The new features and additions, improved aesthetic in key areas, and added frameworks and APIs have hit the sweet spot with the developers, though, who aggressively testing and feeding back to Apple with improvement areas of note.

=Apple has somewhat placed us into previous beta versions of iOS with an almost military-like accuracy. With the release of relatively minor beta versions of iOS 10 or iOS 9 in the past, we can exactly predict the date when a new beta would land, which the company itself often leaving around seven days between each minor release to ensure that developers and testers were kept on their toes, but also that the testing period was kept to a minimum.

The major release of iOS 11, in fact won’t come up until September to get it right hands-on, there’s no real pressure being applied from a timing perspective. The jump from beta 1 to beta 2 seed took the company 17 days. That was approximately three days longer than our original prediction and the usual two-week release window for major beta releases.

With those timescales in mind, we can expect the third beta of iOS 11 to make its patch onto the developer portal between July 6th and July 10th.

Whenever beta 3 arrives, we can expect a version of iOS 11 very streamlined than the first two releases, which potentially comes with a few additional refinements and titbits for device owners to find and interact with. the real thing about iOS 11 to date has been finding all of the smaller improvements that weren’t announced during the company’s WWDC. We are sure will continue to bring those to the public’s attention, as well also notify the world as soon as beta 3 drops.

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