iOS 11.1 Future Update To Unlock Wireless Charging On iPhone 8

Right now, iOS 11 beta 3 is said to release this month for compatible developers and public testers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. According to a reliable source, we have come to know that the upcoming iPhone 8 device will feature wireless charging but it will be enabled via a iOS 11.1 software update later on. Here are the details on it.

Rumors playing its share, as the latest claims, iOS 11.1 will be required to unlock wireless charging functionality in iPhone 8, and will be available after the device’s launch.

iPhone 8 Stock Wireless Charging
It was WWDC 2017, Apple announced its first beta of iOS 11 to developers, and after releasing the pre-release seed of beta 2, the company made available of iOS 11 public beta download. That was the case when we speak about the beta installation on devices for testing. Now that Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup is expected to ship with a ton of new and innovative features. What would be the best iPhone model Apple has this time this year for customers and Apple fans?

The iPhone 8 is definitely the most advanced smartphone from Apple, will focus on that range, but one standout feature which is set to be included on all three devices, including iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 is addictive wireless inductive charging.

The feature that Apple’s iPhone 8 predicted is one of those highly-anticipated that make users don’t need to tether an iPhone to a charging cable to charge it. This same feature will definitely be welcomed by device owners, but it’s also a double-edge sword due to the fact that the company is expected to sell a separate accessory to unlock that feature. Here’s the catch then, it’s now being suggested that the required accessory will not ship at the same time as the new iPhone range, with Apple possibly waiting until the release of iOS 11.1 to unlock the wireless charging functionality.

About the story behind the title “The iPhone 8’s Wireless Charging will be enabled just after launch through iOS 11.1 OTA update.” If there’s one rumored iPhone 8 feature that crops up time and tome again, it has to be wireless charging. First of all, the wireless charging accessory will be available as a separate purchase, and it won’t be made available in the iPhone 8 retail box, after all. Secondly, wireless charging on the iPhone 8 will also be enabled via a software update, most likely iOS 11.1. So this wouldn’t be the first time Apple would be bringing a new feature to its smartphone range via a software update. Take a tip on last year’s, by unlocking Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1. So yes, this also (probably) means that the wireless charging accessory won’t ship on time.

The tweet from John Gruber has all-but confirmed previous reports on this matter, says “I’ve heard that inductive charging will (a) be sold separately, and (b) might be late, waiting for iOS 11.1 (a la Portrait mode last year)“, by waiting until the next release of iOS to actually unlock the option.

It’s also rumored that the iPhone 8 will add fast charging support using the USB PD standard. But, at the same time it’s believed that users will have to buy those fast charging accessories separately. Out of the box users will only get the standard wall charger, nothing else.

Those with an iPhone 7 Plus will remember that the new Portrait mode wasn’t made available until iOS 10.1 dropped for compatible devices. While Gruber is generally an individual that is in the know and has a good track record on speaking of this nature, though.

Speaking of fast charging, the new iPads from Apple support faster charging as well. Only happens if you grab yourself Apple’s 29W USB-C charger along with a Lightning to USB-C cable. However, the use of the word by Gruber “might” in the tweet means that the delay has by far no means been confirmed and that Apple’s iPhone could still ship with everything needed to take advantage of wireless charging from day one.

We will definitely know in the coming days and weeks what Apple has in store when it comes to wireless charging. For now, we can only listen to the murmurings in the industry to go along with. In the meantime, do except the facts rather than rumors. It looks as though device owners will be required to purchase another accessory, it’s just a matter of waiting to see when they will be able to do that.

Note: The interesting point surrounding the iPhone lineup is how Apple actually integrates this wireless charging into the device. If it comes up with its own proprietary solution then a new accessory will be needed. Likewise, the company opts to let the devices conform to the Qi standard, then it’s likely that the 2017 iPhone range could be compatible with existing wireless charging platforms.

(Source: @Gruber [Twitter])

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