iOS 8.1.3 Update Releasing Soon, Shows Up In Activity Logs [Report]

Since the launch on iOS 8.0 back in September, the iOS updates have been everywhere and already seen several roll out ranging from major to the minor iOS 8.1.2 download available recently, and whereas the iOS 8.2 is still in beta and expected to arrive at some point in January 2015. Now, it looks like we’ll be getting another new major update before the final.

Minor iOS 8.1.3 Update in the Works Ahead of Apple Watch and iOS 8.2
iOS 8.1.3 is currently in testing, found on the web at activity logs with a low number of devices showing as running the software. In fact that a few engaged in the testing process suggests that the latest version of iOS firmware, the iOS 8.1.3 will be fairly a bug fixer update and may afford iPhone 4s users some of the performance tweaks that have been seen in iOS 8.2 beta 2.

Developers weill in advance of iOS 8.2 public launch in order to provide tools for building Apple Watch apps, it appears there will be at least one more minor software update before the 8.2 goes officially to public. With the apparently low-key nature of the testing, the numbering of iOS 8.1.3 points squarely at a rudimentary upgrade, and with iOS 8.2 in line, it would make no sense for Apple to begun squeezing in new features unnecessarily.

No word telling when iOS 8.1.3 will be available for download, but the activity log having hit sometime of a spike recently at MacRumors’ stats, we believe that it’s imminent. No idea whether the minor tweak will kill, or take the form of blocking the exploits that have made the TaiG jailbreak possible remains to be seen.

A potential release date for iOS 8.1.3 remain unknown, but the Christmas holiday season approaching, it appears likely a launch will not occur until early next year unless the update addresses a significant issue that Apple needs to fix more quickly. Remind you that the Cupertino hasn’t seeded any builds of the update to developers for testing though.



Presumably, it’ll be an update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, although it’s not unheard of for certain small version jumps to cater only to. It is unclear whether the company has any plans to do so, as minor updates such as this one typically don’t go through developer testing.

Talking about the next iOS 8.2 update, it’s flagship feature will be exclusively support Apple WatchKit, in anticipation of the release of Apple Watch at point in early 2015.

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