iOS 9 Has Hidden iPad Keyboard Designed For 12.9-Inch Pro Tablet [Screenshots]

Now that another iPhone developer Steven Throughten-Smith has found a new iPad keyboard on iOS 9 beta code which is capable of scaling to a large size with rearranged keys, providing further evidence that Apple might be planning to release a much-rumored iPad Pro with 12.93-inch screend tablet.

Yes, we are talking about the first initial beta of iOS 9, has managed to throw up some interesting doscoveries. Hacking around with the Apple Watch and watchOS 2, Steve Throughton-Smith has dvled into iOS 9 and found some interesting things relating to UIKeyboard that seem to confirm the existance of the speculated iPad Pro. Discovered in the internals of iOS 9 centers around the UIKeyboard class in the iOS SDK, or for more specific, how the keyboard is handled and displayed by iOS when a particular action calls for the keyboard to be present on the screen.

According to the tweet posted by him on his Twitter account, finds out the keyboard on the iPad within iOS 9 seems to scale to a much flexible size than its predecessor seen in earlier versions of iOS. At a larger resolution, the UIKeyboard view automatically adjusts with repositioned keys to fill the extra screen space available. Specifically means that the larger scaled keyboard in iOS 9 is also capable of actually dynamically changing the layout of its keys, which presumably depending on the device that it is actually being ran on. The new keyboard has wider keys, a new row of symbols at the top, Caps Lock and Tab keys on the far left and some other moved keys, also added to the findings.

While the secondary keyboard view also gained the new chiclet-size row of symbols and has enough space to fit all symbols and characters on one page, potentially by eliminating the heed for a tertiary keyboard view normally accessed by tapping the “#+=” button on the left or right-hand side of the UIKeyboard instance that aren’t seen on the standard iOS iPad keyboard.

Further proof that points to a larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro aimed at pro users, education and business sectors could be pencilled in for an announcement later this year. The iOS 9’s new Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture inclusions on iPad Air 2 further suggest that Apple reportedly working on a larger iPad, where the new split-screen multitasking views would be identical for a larger screen and may benefit fromthe tablet’s increased processing power sector.



(UIKeyboard view on iOS 9 scales to a larger iPad size)

In Apple’s case, there’s generally no rumor that lasts for this long without a media event introducing the purported product. The so-called “iPad Pro” is rumored to feature a 12.9-inch flexible display with increased pressure sensitivity, built-in NFC chip, Force Touch, USB-C port and possibly a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus. Tablet likely to have an A9 processor with 2GB of RAM and Touch ID.

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