iOS 9 Rumors: Features Force Touch Ready For iPhone 6s, More Changes Detailed

With haptic feedback, new keyboard and group read receipts, the iOS 9 could feature “Rootless” security, “Trusted Wi-Fi” and support for legacy A5-based devices and the upcoming iPhone 6s on the tow. Although WWDC 2015 approaching fast, speculations around the next iOS version have increased mainfold. iOS 9 rumor or leak come almost daily, forth that sheds more light onto the next iteration of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, iPad. Number of sources note that there can be some smaller, additional tweaks that will carry a significant impact. As it digged by 9to5Mac, followed up on a few smaller scale improvements to Apple”s next major software version that could have a big impact on the overall experience for iDevice users.

What could be the next-generation iPhone called to be – possibly iPhone 6s – which is rumored to have a Force Touch display with haptic feedback and will be the biggest new addition to the hardware, which is of course similar to the Apple Watch display and trackpads on the new MacBook models, which recognize the pressure intensity to translate into input. This could further support by the fact that Apple plans to make iOS 9 Force Touch-ready, and will let developers integrate the tech’s support into their apps for the platform.

The reporter citing an unnamed source, Force Touch on iPhone and iPad will be power-user friendly, whichj nevertheless means that it won’t be essential to the operation of the device. The secondary change expected is to the stock keyboard, which might see an improved design that provides easier access to additional controls, specially in portal mode, and QuickType features that were launched with iOS 8. To users, with this major change to the keyboard, new might finally fix the Shift Key, giving a better indication of when caps lock is active.

The third significant revoke will be to iMessage, where Apple is rumored to be bringing group caht threads and selective read receipts – users can let only certain contacts knwon when they’ve read their messages. Users will be able to turn on the read receipt functionality for specific recipients while leaving the read status of a message in the dark for other contacts. For iOS 9, with the company experimenting on multiple designs, like one that is “slightly longer than the current keyboard” and provides users with a more robust suite of editing options while in portrait mode.

Today’s reports however fall in line with previous rumors suggesting that Canada will be the first and foremost country outside U.S. to support Apple Pay. Reportedly claiming that iOS 9’s Passbook app includes a “necessary foundation” to support various banks, credit and debit cards, and credit unions within the country. But it’s rumored that Apple will not announce its support on Canadian shores at WWDC.

About the Force Touch, which is hardware-dependent, it’s unlikely that Apple will unveil it at WWDC, and should it come to fruition, will be announced with the next-generation of the iPhone. Apple is said to be focussing on the stability of its mobile OS this time around while passing up on major new changes. The company also seems to be considering removing the little-used Game Center app altogether in iOS 9, minor update points suggest a few additions and updates to the new Health app, as well.

In short: iOS 9 is a pure bug fix release that aims to make the company’s mobile OS as superior as possible in the handheld space. Stay tuned!

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