iPhone 6s Camera Rumored To Sport An 12MP RGBW Sensor By Sony; Details

Apple’s WWDC 2015 is nearing and rumors are surfacing about its next iPhone and iOS 9. Yet another source today hints at iPhone 6s, which is said to pack a 12MP camera, and that too the sensor will switch from the traditional RGB sensor design to RGBW. Details on this new iPhone 6s camera news can be grabbed right after this fold.

These reports have then been picked up by the Chinese media and we are now bringing them to you. Upcoming iPhone 6s will also make use of Sony Sensor and RBGW Coding technology. Adding a “W” (white) sub-pixel alongside the conventional RGB sub-pixels, allowing for higher quality images with less noise in poorly lit environments and perhaps, aims to improve the low-light performance of the camera. Suggesting that autofocus speed will be significantly increased without any details on how phase detection will be.

Acording to the Japanese media, Apple’s initial plans were to use this kind of camera setup for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The source also pours some cold water on rumors that Apple will switch to a dual-camera system as well, but the dual-tone flash is here to stay.

What do you think about 12 MP Sony sensor with RGBW technology on the upcoming iPhone 6s could make any sense? Or is better choice than a dual-camera setup for further improved 8MP unit?


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