iPhone 6s Pricing On Release Date Leak Plus New Rose Gold Color Detailed

Apple is all set to for a 9/9 media event where it’s going to announce both the new iPhones alongside few other revamped set top box and iPads. Expected that the September 9th keynote will witness the iPhone 6s launch and availability date as well following in October. Predicted that the brand-new devices will carry Apple Watch Force Touch technology, and improved camera on its front and rear with the support of 4K video recording. Processor on bothy the next-gen iPhones are also said to pose with some surprising specifications. But there’s no good news for buyers looking to purchase the cheapest new iPhone in 2015, and those who really want extra storage space on the phone.

What actually users and the highly-anticipated customers are looking at would be the , Cost. According to sources, the new iPhone is all set to debut in September and where in 9 days it will be happening in the U.S., will hit the store shelves on September 25th in the Netherlands, which appears to be in line with last year’s iPhone 6 launch in the country. Additionally, the new iPhones will support 4G LTE+ speeds in the region, offered by from KPN, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.

Color variants of the next iPhones will be available in three colors, including Gray, Silver, and Gold – similarly as iPhone 6 available. A number of analysts and insiders had referred to this new color as likely being “pink“. Others disagreed with this and vehemently believed that a “rose gold” option would be on the agenda when the device is officially unveiled. Confirmed that the iPhone 6s will come in a color that is “unmistakenly Apple Watch-like Rose Gold“. The introduction of Force Touch in one form or another has also been confirmed, and will be used as a short-cut feature throughout iOS.

The Dutch source TechTastic further says the iPhone 6s and the 6s+ have the same budget structure as their predecessors. So, it means that Apple will still retail a 16GB iPhone 6s, and those who want to buy a variant with more storage will either have to bargain 64GB or 128GB models, or invest in more iCloud storage.

Here’s the structure on which both the iPhone 6s variants are initiated and predicted; the 16GB model costs €699, with the 64GB and 128GB versions priced at €799 and €899, respectively, in the Netherlands. Plus model will be exactly €100 more expensive, or €799, €899 and €999. Unlocked of course, and which cpresumably match the current iPhone toll in the country.


If this prediction comes true, then, the iPhone 6s will sell for $649, $749 or $849 while the iPhone 6s Plus will cost $749, $849 or $949. Apple will continue to offer the current-generation  iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with a reduction of $100 on both the models.

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