iPhone 6s Release Date Reportedly Leaked By Major Carrier Vodafone UK

Another leak in the company’s Swiss Cheese supply chain has given away the date all are anxious about iPhone 6s upgrades wanted to know: when the handset will go on sale. Thanks to the leaked internal email from the major carrier Vodafone UK. However, there isn’t much non-WWDC news around at the moment, but still tangaentially related. News emerged suggesting that the next iPhone is apparently ready to ship on September 25th as a prime example that Apple is never too far away for making the headlines.

Picked up the email which laid out the launch information to staff as well as when pre-orders will begin: Sep[tember 18th. Describes the handset as the ‘New iPhone’, which means we can’t 100% say it will be called the iPhone 6S – initially goes by the name iPhone 7 or even the next iPhone seem extreme for a handset which is expected to have only minor visual changes from its predecessor (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus).

It’s almost common knowledge that a new iPhone will land around September or October time at this point, UK carrier Vodafone is indeed sure not only about the month of the new iPhone’s release, but also the date. Pre-orders starting a week ahead of actual shipment date of September 25, which is 18th of September 2015.

In an email allegedly sent to news site MobileNews, a Vodafone employee has confirmed that the new iPhone will be available to buy from September 25th. The leak doesn’t say what the new iPhone will be called either. New processors, potentially increased memory and maybe even Force Touch are on the cards, though we won’t find anything accurate until Apple unveils something come late August or early September.

That saiod no actual date had appeared until the Vodafone leak and apparently, it suggests Apple is well on top of production for this news to have gone to carriers four months ago. Expected to see the refreshed version of the iPhone 5C. Now starting to show its age a little and certainly not selling quite as well as Apple perhaps hoped, and with this smaller iPhone offering could make some sence for those wishing to buy. Again, we don’t expect to know either way until towards the end of the year.


The timescales certainly line up with what would be expected, but that doesn’t mean the leak is very easy to fake too. Time will tell, and uncover all the information very soon and we doubt it’s too wide of the mark anyway.

Rumors back in May suggested that the iPhone 6s release date is set for September, with August being the month which will see the handsets (s) being announced. Next is here and the actual announcement date isn’t yet confirmed officially. Stay tuned!

(Source: MobileNews)

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