iPhone 7 To Come In Five Colors: Being Black, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue And ‘Gloss Black’ Option [Rumor]

Now that we have an official confirmation for the dedicated iPhone 7 event straight from Apple which will take place this coming September 7. Historically, we have witnessed all the predictions out-of-the-way prior to that happening, that includes a number of visual leaks, with the latest photo surfaced claiming that Apple will offer the new iPhone 7 range with a new glossy black exterior aesthetic, exactly to the finish on the company’s Mac Pro line that hit the market back in 2013.

If that’s the case then it should be likely that the iPhone 7 supposedly introduce at least one new color option, which certainly sounds familiar. Since the last few months has only focused on the underlying technical specification of the device and of course, the physical architecture. It appears that Apple will look to appeal to a wider consumer base who want variety and choice, by introducing a new device finish that would actually deviate away from the usual Silver Grey, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold options.

According to the well-known Japanese blog Mac Otakara, has shared the latest image which shows five individual SIM-card trays side-by-side. The source believes that the new offering will be a glossy black option, and will be adding to the already available package of colors, and not replacing the Space Gray option.

Earlier it was also pointed at Apple making a decision to move away from the ongoing Space Gray finish in favor of a darker, almost black option, like what the Space Black on the Apple Watch offered. We are not going to judge by the shared images could be in line to receive not only an iPhone 7 with an even deeper black finish then Space Black, but one expected with an overall glossy finish.

In addition to the external glossy finish, Apple is also expected to introduce an iPhone 7 that ships without iconic 3.5mm headphone port, a new A10 CPU and accompanying M10 motion coprocessor, a larger camera sensor on the 4.7″ iPhone 7, and a dual-lens camera system and Smart Connector on the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, among many other things.

(Source: Mac Otakara [Google Translate]

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