iPhone 7 To Come In Space Black With Truly Wireless EarPods; Apple Watch 2 To Sport GPS, More

Following the sketchy rumor last week that said Apple is planning to introduce iPhone 7 in a “Deep Blue” color option, but the Japanese blog Mac Otakara has claimed that the new color for the iPhone 7 will actually be a “much darker” variant of space gray that is “close to black, though not quite black”, with an exterior finish similar to the Space Black Apple Watch.

So, the rumored ‘Deep Blue’ iPhone 7 is actually be very dark Space Gray, could more closely resemble the look of the “space” black” stainless steel Apple Watch, which is darker than the “space gray” aluminum Apple Watch Sport. In that true fashion, we came across a suggestion that the iPhone 7 will be offered in a new Deep Blue finish, means it comes with the existing Space Gray for something a little darker.


Now, the same publication is joining a number of other sources in suggesting that Apple has plans to introduce an iPhone 7 model with an exterior finish, rather than add it as a brand new line in the range. It’s being suggested that the macOS maker will modernize the current Space Gray finish by making it a lot darker and market it as a ‘Space Black’, or a “formal black”:

I have heard another information that space grey would not be disconnected, but would be possibly updated to much darker color. Also, the new color would not be DeepĀ Blue, but possibly formal black which is close to black.


Regarding that Apple has already used different shades of “space gray” and “black and slate” across its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch lineups over the years. Highlights, for example, the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro both have a lighter shade of “space gray” compared to the iPhone 5s and original iPad Air respectively.


What’s going to happen in the future is to be witnessed, while there’s three months more for the new iPhone launch. Another source reporting that Apple is “working on its own fully wireless EarPods“, if its accurate, would well and truly put the writing on the wall for the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack. Furthermore, each have a faster Apple A10 processor, improved waterproofing, re-positioned antenna bands, and faster LTE and Wi-Fi, a dual-lens camera and 3GB of RAM, exclusive to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

Meanwhile, the Home/Touch ID button on the iPhone 7 is being reported to stay mechanical and not pressure-sensitive, but nevertheless, employ haptic feedback to simulate a click.

More speculated news include the appearance of an Apple Watch 2 which will pack its own GPS chip, with Workouts app being able to track swimming as well, for the successor wearable there’s still a waterproofing system. However, there’s also noise about the next-gen MacBook Pro which will not only arrive with an OLED touch bar at the top, but a Touch ID sensor as well embedded into the power button.

As far as we are accompanied with the sources claims, the more pressing concern of the iPhone 7 color, given the fact that the Apple Watch is right away offered in a deep black color, that is ‘Space Black’. Possibility there, that the next-generation iPhone could introduce that style as well.

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