This Supposedly Be Apple’s Final iPhone 8 Design, Stainless Steel Frame, Glass, All-Screen Front, More

Apple’s next redesigned iPhone 8 is currently getting out of hands, been the subject of much debate in the rumor mill. With an edge-to-edge design, the iPhone 8 may be similar in size to the 4.7-inch iPhone, but with a display the size of the 5.5-inch iPhone. Apple’s next-generation smartphone, which actually referring to as iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, will ship with a polished stainless steel frame set in the middle of two slabs of glass, as per the hint=and-miss online publication MacOtakara.

iPhone 8 Concept
Look, the iPhone 8 is probably going to be a really great smartphone. Recent advances in the technology are making no-bezel smartphones with zero physical buttons a reality. In addition to coming with a range of new features, today’s improvements focus appears to be on the overall aesthetic of the device. Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone models later this year. Two of those devices are rumored to be relatively small upgrades to what we already have, and will be released into the market as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus with the given screen sizes respectively.

From past to now, the focus appears to constantly be on the purportedly high-end iPhone, the 10th Anniversary Apple’s iPhone 8, with the latest speculation suggesting that will introduce a modernized version of iPhone 4, complete with bezel-free 5.7-inch OLED display and 2.5D glass lining the edges of the handset.

The majority of reports however seem to be signing from the same hymn sheet where the display and entire designs are concerned. Interesting thing to be more considered is that Apple will take the opportunity to redesign the camera module on the device, opting for a vertical iSight Duo camera installation vs horizontal setup that we currently have on iPhone 7 Plus.

Latest report out of China claims to have revealed the details surrounding Apple’s final iPhone 8 design. Moreover, included 3D models based on freshly leaded schematics may be our first look at what Apple has planned for us later this year. It remains to be seen that the iSight Duo camera will be mounted in that orientation for virtual reality purposes, and also that when the device is mounted into a VR headset the camera module will be horizontal aligned. Previously leaked renders and schematic drawing have shown a vertically embedded camera, which tends to believe that this could have some basis in reality.

iPhone 8 Stainless Steel overhaul
Reports also suggesting that both of those iPhone 7s/7s Plus models will be slightly thicker than what we currently have, which is only really going to be a problem for those who expect to continue to use existing accessories or cases which have been designed for the specific thickness of the current flagship.

Update x1: Bloomberg also confirming from its sources that Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone model will indeed sport a bezel-less design with polished stainless steel frame in middle, and vertical dual-lens camera on the back for VR purposes. As LG and Samsung have both introduced new flagship models with significantly smaller bezels, why not Apple do the same later this year?

(Source: MacOtakara, Top image: iPhone 8 concept)

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