Is Samsung Exclusively Working On Two Galaxy ‘O’ Models?

It’s the series that targets Alphabets like A, E, J, K, S, V, Z…O, which Samsung’s Galaxy segment may be getting another letter with its futuristic smartphone arena. Now that the Samsung is looking on Galaxy ‘O5’ and Galaxy ‘O7’, which can also be known at the factory as SM-G550 and SM-G600 respectively.

Naming schemes of Samsung however doesn’t follow an alphabetical order. Flagships go under S, the Js are at the bottom. Apart from S family, E series are more affordable, whereas the Zs are Tizen phones. The K shown up briefly as a camera hybrid, V as an entry-level phone, and what about the W, points at tablet device.

Here are some name-based lines such as – the Notesa, Xcovers, Pockets, Grands, Aces, Stars, Youngs, Cores. Now that where the Galaxy O fall into? No idea about its at the far moment, but there’s not even one word on specs for the O5 and OS7, or the time frame of their possible announcement.

After the announcement of the Galaxy O series, Samsung would have 6 series of smartphones, Galaxy J, Galaxy E, Galaxy A, Galaxy O, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note, which is still tooooo much for consumers to choose from. Only hope is that the GALAXY O series comes with a new circular design as it would be easier for consumers to remember and compare them from other gadgets made by Samsung.

We can expect the ‘O’ at IFA officially in just a few weeks from now, the heavyweight Note series and S6 Efge+ already went on sale.


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