Knock App for iPhone Gets Updated, Now Lets You Tap On Apple Watch To Unlock Your Mac

Talking about the cool little iOS app, Knock that allowed you to unlock your Mac by knocking on your iPhone, which has been dealt quite a major update bringing with it similar functionality to the upcoming Apple Watch. More details on how Knock on Apple Watch works can be checked right after this knock.


The latest version 2.0 of Knock app requires Touch ID (or passcode) authentication at first use, but once you have paired up, you can tap to unlock with consummate ease, and in effect, you get the aforementioned two-factor authentication while only needing to use Touch ID the once.

Now, Knock has been updated with Apple Watch support, and would be wearing the gadget all day long, will save you the tedium of having to type in your OS X password every time. Not from now, cause, Knock 2.0 is there to unlock your Mac on Apple Watch, that also has an Admin’s Password support, so beyond unlocking your machine, you can even use the app to authenticate the installation of certain software and the altering of preferences within OS X Mac.


Plethora of app have already been prepared for the Apple Watch, with developers scrambling to grab a potion of the market for the brand new gadget out of Cupertino, and obviously, many new experiences are being prepared for the new smart-weaable, with a number of pre-existing apps also being configured to suit the wrist-worn device. Knock is yet another Security Key-like application, added to the numerous list of Apple Watch apps.


Updated with the most, you get your usual array of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Downloading and installing Knock 2.0 will definitely gives you a slicker overall experience than ever before. On Apple Watch, Knock will unlock your Mac systems, and the requirements in terms of hardware are limited.


You will however need a 2011 MacBook Air, Mac Mini / 2012 MacBook Pro, iMac or newer; The latest, ‘trashcan’ Mac Pro is the only model of the top-end machine that will work with Knock, and of course to install it on an iOS device, you’ll need an iPhone 4s or newer if you wish to try the app.

(Download: Knock for iPhone on the App Store)

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