Latest Leaked iPhone 7 Photos Suggest Larger Camera, Bumped Storage And More

It seems like there won’t be any iPhone 7 release with an entry-level 16GB of internal storage, as Apple decides to start with the launch of 32GB storage. Reportedly it will at the very least address a longstanding concern that iPhone users had to deal with – the lack of adequate storage.

The new iPhone would be called the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro, whatever it Apple names it – will start out at 32GB of storage; eventually, there won’t be any 16GB option offered, though. If this is the case to believe, then the bump in storage to the entry-level model will finally address a compliant regarding Apple’s iPhone family.

As 16GB simply hasn’t been enough for most consumers to hold all of their apps, games, music, photos and 4K video recordings – even when there’s a factor of iCloud storage or other cloud-based services. Warnings about low storage start popping up, and it all takes away from the iPhone user experience that Apple prides itself on.

Rumors has it that Apple will abandon the 16GB storage tier with the iteration of iPhone 7 has seemingly been confirmed by a new report from The Wall Street Journal. So we can decide that there won’t be a 16GB storage on the forthcoming iPhone smartphone, will soon be a thing of past.

The new iPhones are expected to have more storage for those photos,” Joanna Stern notes. “Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans.”

So with the iPhone 7, it sounds like Apple is bringing back the happy medium of 32GB. Still 64GB might be a good deal more than some people need. But then the question becomes what comes after the 32GB / 64GB / 128GB? With the iPad Pro now offering up to 256GB of built-n storage, won’t be surprising to see hit the iPhone – or perhpas just the Plus model.

Will 64GB remain the mid-level option and 128GB the upper-level option? Sketchy reports indicating that at least one iPhone model will be available with a 256GB option.

Wait and see what Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone in September. What’s the iPhone 7 release date?

Update x1: The photos, published by Dutch tech blog TechTastic, show a larger camera closer to the top edge of the phone. With that said, the phone will be 7.15 mm thick, slightly bigger than the iPhone 6S.

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