Leaked Google’s Live Support App Shares Your Nexus Phone’s Screen

Reportedly seems that Google is rapidly building a new screen-sharing for its Nexus devices, called live support app.

The Android creator is indeed working on a Google Support app that would eventually offer live help somewhat like Amazon’s Mayday. According to Android Police, and their leak is accurate, you’d have the option sharing your screen with a service agent they could walk you through changing a setting without having to guess what you’re looking at.

If the given note is to carry forward, Google might soon be adding a new Live Support feature to its Nexus lineup, through which the device owners will be able to share their phone’s screen directly with the Google’s support team for any issue. It’s not certain what else is in store, but it’s safe to say that chat would be part of the experience.

The Support app by Google may allow you to share your screen with a support agent and help you set up your new Android phone. Live audio or live chat would also be included. It’s also expected that agents will be able to control, draw on, or highlight the shared screen as well. However, nothing is confirmed and everything is unclear at the far moment now, but then again these speculations are made by the latest.

The idea behind Google Support onboard exclusively for Nexus devices goes well with what Sunder Pichai said at Code Conference 2016 earlier this month. Not concluded is that, how soon this can be seen in action, and not knowing about its availability for all previous generation Nexus phones as well.

Believed that Google might introduce this Support app or service alongside this year’s HTC-made Nexus devices in September or October. With that in mind, leaked app visuals suggest that this isn’t just a theoretical exercise, nevertheless, giving you a safety net at the same time as you pick up that slick new handset this year.

(Source: Android Police)

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