Leaked iPhone 6s Box Hints At Motion Wallpapers Coming To New iPhone Package

It was last month when the apparent leak of iPhone 6s Plus packaging was predicted the Apple’s secrecy with regards following to its iPhone 6s and its box seems to be cracking. An image purporting to show the retail package that the new iPhone will arrive. The existence of that image brought into the public domain with it a number of questions relating to the displayed iPhone and the background (wallpaper) shown. More images have emerged which seems to be adding fuel to the speculation that the iPhone 6s will come equipped with a Motion wallpaper feature, just like the Apple Watch.

Leaked pictures show up new iPhone handset will look and will have a radical overhaul internally and of course a pressure sensitive screen, Force Touch, which senses how hard users are pressing down on a screen,’ people with knowledge of the matter. In a similar fashion to the original leak, these newly leaked images show a familiar looking packaging structure which contains the iconic Apple logo with “iPhone 6s” crealy displayed on the sides. In one of the images, the top of the box shows up what appears to be a Gold and Rose Gold model iPhone 6s with a gold and black goldsih photo set as the background, similar to what was already displayed by the original leaked photo last month.

The second set of images show the Space Gray model of the iPhone 6s printed on top of the box, posing a darker goldish on the black background. However, these leaked packaging seems to suggest and will remain minimalistic by design, but also introduces additional doubts regarding the Motion wallpaper feature that we’ve previously asked and discussed.

Interesting here with the iPhone 6s package is the possibility of Motion wallpapers coming on to the new new iPhones. Feature, that originally introduced with the Apple Watch, featuring pre-defined backgrounds such as moving jellyfish, animated flowers, and insanly beautiful butterflies that really make the display pop. Alternatively, on Android devices the similar Motion backgrounds are called “Live Wallpapers,” which in either words can drain your phone’s battery. Any iPhone 6s crossover would borrow heavily from that initial integration, also build on it by introducing newly designed backgrounds to show off the large Retina display that ships with the iPhone.

Witin 24 hours to go official, you and me will witness the introduction of new iPhones at Apple’s media event. Find out what is real.

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