Leaked Photos Show Working iPhone 7 Unit For The Foremost Time


One YouTube subscriber has already uploaded a video of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus, detailing its internal and external hardware keys. Now that a set of photos leaked online giving us a glimpse of the yet-unannounced iPhone 7, which Apple is expected make its final release next month. Here are some leaks that we are starting to see is almost breathtaking.

Since, today we are going to be treated to more photos of a dummy iPhone 7 but photos are real, working unit. Still not convinced, then there’s a video provided already of the thing working. We suspect someone inside Apple is less than pleased this evening.

The actual leak saw Chinese repair shop GeekBar post photos of an iPhone 7 to Weibo. To prove that this was more than the initial dummy unit, the device was powered on, showing what appears to be Apple’s in-house iPhone testing software, SwitchBoard. The device naturally displayed all the hallmarks of what we have some to expect of an iPhone 7 including the larger camera and minimal antenna lines.

The same Chinese shopper also shared video of the same device, showing off its dual-speaker setup and more importantly, the complete lack of any sort of 3.5mm headphone jack. Rumors already specified about Apple’s decision to not include a headphone jack, and with recent weeks bringing increased certainty that the rumors are becoming true.

This new mixup of photos combination and video appear to confirm everything we thought we agree about the iPhone 7 – and it’s still around 6 weeks away from the official unveil.


If the previous release date is to be believed anything for now, then Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 7 on September 12/16. But we still expect there to be something more than we actually believe and don’t yet know about. For now, we just wait and see. That’s all!

Working iPhone 7 Prototype:

Guess it!

(Source: Weibo, TechTastic [YouTube])

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