Leaked Screenshots Shows Up New Windows 10 UI, 3D Live Tiles

New Windows 10 screenshots seem to have leaked online, and the images have some new changes to tell if they are real. Get to see a revamped UI from the last time we saw what Windows 10 could be like, to new 3D Live Tiles. On Windows 10, Microsoft stripped out Aero Glass – a transparent and blurry effect from Windows 8, but it looks like it’s still right there, return in Windows 10. Leaked images shows up everything you need to know.

Screenshots come in form of Chinese source, giving us a look at some of the unannounced changes Windows 10 could potentially pack when it’s finally released somewhere this summer. Source, that it revealed the latest internal builds of Windows 10 include a new blurred transparency effect on the Start Menu. Glass effect looks pretty identical to what the Aero Glass used in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and it’s only applied to the Start menu, and the transparency effect is removed when the Start Menu transforms into a fullscreen Start Screen. Microsoft is looking to bring a part of Aero Glass feature back to Windows 10.

Live Tiles on the other hand seem to have had some work done on them as well. Live Tiles, as is obvious by the name, are updated in real-time whenever the relevant information changes, but instead of sticking to the good ol’ flat Modern-style flipping animation, Microsoft is introducing a new but subtle 3D flip effect which also happens to match with the pop effect of the Start Menu. Microsoft is also greatly improving the UI of the Cortana digital assistant. Cortana is also becoming increasingly integrated into the Start Menu search experience with a color scheme that matches that of Windows 10. Cortana now features a hamburger menu to access settings and options quickly and the black and white aspects of Cortana match the theme changes, which in return making its way to Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Although, it does suggest that while Microsoft may be actively working on improving the OS for an imminent release, the latest offering from the Redmond-based software giant is far from complete right now.

Microsoft has promised to deliver a final version of Windows 10 in the summer period, AMD’s CEO has also hinted that the OS may arrive somewhere in late July this year.

Now that Microsoft is gearing up for the Build 2015 Keynote, where it is expected that it reveal plenty of UI tweaks and possibly newer features of the OS, Windows 10.

(Source: ITHome [Google Translate])

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