Leaked Windows 10 Build Reveals New Xbox App And Cortana Integration [Images]

Here we got an early look at consumer features of Windows 10 upcoming desktop operating system from Microsoft. Currently readying an updated preview of new Windows OS to focus on the consumer features and the Redmond-based company plans to detail those improvements at a January press event.

Talking about the Microsoft’s new Windows 10 launch in late January next year, which will have a consumer presentation. Now a Windows 10 consumer build 9901 leaked out, revealing some of the interesting features that what the upcoming OS will bring.

Latest technical preview of Windows 10 shows up the integration of Cortana, the virtual assistant that will react to voice and text commands and deliver necessary info – similarly to Windows Phone 8.1 handsets. The leaked Win 10 build however showcases how Cortana sits at the top of the search interface for Windows 10, responding to test and voice commands with access to the notebook, reminders, and interests.

This will be early look at the digital assistant in Windows 10, but the final version will obviously changes significantly. And is worth noting that Cortana integration into the OS is still at an early stage.

A brand new Xbox App also been a part of build 9901. Offering access to a number of Xbox goodness, including achievements, friends lists, activity feeds and content storefront. Xbox app however appears to act as a gateway to the entire Xbox ecosystem with the Store. Microsoft notes that it’s an early preview of the app, so it may well include SmartGlass integration in the future. Rumor has it that a future version might contain SmartGlass integration too and it will indeed pack.

Microsoft has also added new Animations to the TaskView switcher in Windows 10. Access to settings has been improved as well altogether and the company appears to be moving towards removing the traditional Control Panel by updating the settings app with a known view that’s similar to Control Panel. The settings button has also been removed from the Charms Bar.

Finally, the leaked OS build reveals an updated Windows Store app. Latter might soon bring Xbox Music and Xbox Video integration at some point in the near future. TV shows are included alongside apps and games into the main Windows Store to offer all.

Now that the Windows Store in Windows 10 build 9901 has also been tweaked and brings a new beta app that’s built-in. What would be next to showcase?


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