LeEco Launching A New Le Max 2 Model With Snapdragon 821, 8GB RAM [Report]

Smartphones these days becoming more high-end and getting used 4GB or 6GB RAM to be in the battle to acquire the market, but this time around, it seems like LeEco (aka LeTV) brand is looking forward to raise the memory inside its currently available device, the Le Max 2. Rumor has it that the Chinese-company is working on another flagship smartphone that will be powered by a combination of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 chipset and more over equipped with an 8GB of RAM. Mammoth phone from LeEco is said on its way.

New reports surfaced from GizChina, taking the specifications inside an upgraded version of LeEco’s Le Max2 smartphone. However, the current variant is no weakling by any strech of imagination, though. It comes with relevant features like QHD display, SD820 SoC, 4GB of RAM and also available with 6GB of RAM options. Sports a 21MP rear and an 8MP selfie camera, packing a 3100mAh battery cell and a fingerprint scanner on its back.

In many thinking the smartphones with 4 gigs of memory is enough to handle multi-tasking and graphic-intensive games with relative ease. Vivo, for example have started to offer devices with 6 gigs of RAM, now LeEco feels that it is not enough either and wants to deliver as much RAM as a computer into a smartphone.

How accurate is this report is to be check out later, but for technical reasons let’s assume LeEco is actually working on a smartphone with 8GB of RAM for now. Let us see what will be the next, could be 10GB RAM-powered smartphone?

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