Lenovo Denies A6000 Smartphone Discontinued In India With The Launch Of A7000

News surfaced just after when Lenovo launched the successor to the A6000, the Lenovo A7000 smartphone in India, that its discontinuing it A6000 sales in India. Especially it went wild soon after it was listed ‘permanently discontinued’ on Flipkart. But after some time, Lenovo says “A6000 smartphone not discontinued” in India. More details on this speculation can be catched after this break.

Now with a clarification by Lenovo India, confirms it’s not going to discontinue Lenovo A6000 sales, rather its stocks will be replenished soon. And an email response confirms that, and in that Lenovo India said, The Lenovo A6000 has not been permanently discounted in India as of now.” Could be another reason, why Flipkart displayed it, while to be noted that the company made the smartphone available to purchase without registration from March 23.

However, the company without revealing a release time-frame has confirmed that the Lenovo’s A6000 smartphone will be filled with stock soon citing huge consumer response.

This is what the company added to its words later,

We are working towards getting additional units of A6000 to meet the overwhelming consumers demand. After the last flash sale which was around 10 days back we have still been getting more demands for the smartphone which was not anticipated. As the products are out of stock at the moment, we are trying our best to procure more devices to meet the requirement.”

Although, the move went in a surprise for many customers as the Lenovo A6000 was made available in India from January at Rs 6,999 and the biggest competitor to the likes of Xiaomi Redmi 2, and some other budget friendly smartphones on sale right now.

While it was also said that the A6000 smartphone from Lenovo has already made its way selling 3 lakh phones till now through flash sales.

Update: Lenovo A7000 smartphone was launched at Rs 8999 and the mass flagship gadget will be available starting April 15. Exclusively on Flipkart, and registrations for the first flash sale kicked off on April 7, Tuesday.

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