LG Announces New 5.5-Inch QHD LCD Display Of LG G4, Likely To Launch In April

The Korean company has started the mass production of the 5.5″ Quad-HD LCD panel with IPS display, reveals it to be used in the next flagship smartphone due at the end of this month. More details on the news can be found after this jump.

LG G4, the company’s latest smartphone flagship of 2015 which was already known by now by many as its all set to debut in April. LG Display has today unveils a new 5.5-inch display panel that packs a 1440 x 2560 pxels resolution QHD screen with 538ppi, and LG claims it displays more accurate colors thanks to a 120% color gamut and brightness with this new panel that also consumes less power, is incredibly thin, and shows improved touch function.

The display, at that resolution carries a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch (PPI). Additionally, the new QHD panel also adds an Advanced In-Cell Touch that allows it to react to touch senses, even with water on it, as well as some other improvements such as a higher contrast ratio of 50% and 30% bump brightness when compared to “conventional” QHD LCD panels.

LG also claims that the display panel also uses a photo-alignment technology that utlizes UV light to achieve the accuracy, and the latter is gained by aligning the liquid crystals to reduce leakage.

LG G4’S 5.5-inch QHD IPS Display Features:


  • High color gamut LED technology – Provides more accurate colors in red and green by combining a blue LED chip with red and green phosphors instead of combining the blue LED chip with a yellow phosphor used in conventional LED backlights. The display offers 20 percent improvement in color gamut.
  • Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology – Offers excellent touch sensitivity so that it can respond to touch commands even with water drops on the screen since the touch sensor is embedded within the LCD. It also makes the display slimmer.
  • Photo-alignment technology – Uses UV light to form a liquid crystal alignment layer in the display panel, which helps achieve a higher contrast ratio by aligning the liquid crystals evenly to reduce light leakage. The higher contrast ratio contributes to deeper blacks and brighter colors that create a sharper picture quality.

LG has also confirmed in the announcement that this display will be making its appearance in their next flagship phone, which will be introduced on April 28 around the globe.

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