LG G Flex 2 Rumored To Be Unveiled At CES January 2015


It’s all about bend as this LG G Flex goes with, announced last year as one of the first two smartphones with a bent screen, and the second would be the Samsung’s Galaxy Round, and the Korean company has already introduced us with a one-side bended Galaxy Note Edge recently, and now, it looks like LG is yet to follow up its new G Flex.

The G Flex 2 was been rumored to be made official either by the end of 2014, or in the first quarter of 2015. And today it turns out that the latter expected date may have been finalized after all. According to the unnamed sources, here we got a new bit of information regarding the LG’s new upcoming bended smartphone.

As per the report, the LG will unveil the G Flex 2 during CES in early January. The show starts on Jan. 6, 2015, so we might be just over a month away from the official introduction of the Korean company’s next curved smartphone.

Specifications, as per the claims we can only expect a “major upgrade” over the original G Flex. The new model will once again pack a plastic OLED screen, which is said to feature a 1080p display this time around with a self-healing coating as well will be improved too. Finally, the next G Flex should be smaller than its predecessor. Stay tuned!


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