LG G4 Launch Event Invitation Confirms f/1.8 Lens, LED Flash, Laser Focus

LG has already showcased rear camera features in a new teaser video of the LG G4, which is all set to launch at the firm’s April 28 event. The 40 seconds video purely concentrates on the back camera sensor. More details on the YouTube video showing the LG G4 f/1.8 lens after this jump.


As of now, the current LG G3 packs a f/2.4 lens and today the Lorean giant nothing mentioned about the smartphone or its camera, but the f/1.8 sensor on the G4‘s rear facing cam hints at a better photo capturing functions in low-light condistions. The Time lapse is another inclusion on the rear camera tipped by the teaser video. Nevertheless, the new teaser video sheds light on the imaging capabilities of the handset though, points at a wide-angle f/1.8 aperture for the rear camera for better low light performance.

Rumors already speaks that the LG G4 will pack a 16MP primary camera capable of 4K video recording and where it also comes with a 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 808 chipset and 3GB of RAM. The rest of the rear camera features on the LG G4 will be iterated on April 28.

Updated: LG G4 is coming and invitations for the launch event are more accurate than ever. As the official press image of the back camera highlights its lens’ aperture – a clarification of the fast f/1.8, which was teased on the embedded video (promo) above.


About it on the invite is capturing images in less than ideal conditions, which in what the LG’s lens lets in a whole 11% more light than the f/1.9 lens found on the Samsung Galaxy S6. LG G4’s camera is flanked by a dual-tone LED flash and a laser focus eiuther side on-board, also familiar volume controls and power buttons sits beneath.

More eye-catching part is the leather covering on the back, which was although hinted previously and finally we now get to see it in what appears to be its initial form, surrounding the camera and controls, complete with stitching and all. Overall, it’s typical LG G-series aesthetic.

Unveil of the new glagship events are scheduled at London and New York or else US and UK simultaneously on April 28. Stay tuned!

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