LG G4C Rumored To Be The Compact Variant Of G4; Reports

Few days ago LG has announced its next generation flagship smartphone in New York and London, the LG G4. Smaller version of it is making rounds on the Internet Web. More details on the compact G4 variant can be grabbed right after this fold.

Dubbed LG G4C, spotted the device with a model number LG-H25N on the Dutch retailer’s website, which is reporting that it will be launched on May 12, and will sell it at €295 ($330) price. No words regarding the G4C specifications have emerged or revealed.

However, many smartphone manufacturers are these day do tend to come up with a compact version of their flagship devices. But why? Companies would want to release one so quickly? Effortless to say, none of these has been officially confirmed though, so take this rumor with a pinch of salt.


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