LG G5 Tipped With Octa-Core, 4K Display And Iris Recognition [Rumors]

In order to ben in the game of big giants smartphone competition, LG G4 just made its way to store shelves, but that in no way means the company is no hard at work on its successor. To one-up rivals in the biometrics department now that fingerprint scanning is becoming a mainstream incluison, the LG aiming at G5, said to bring iris recognition to the table. Theriotically, this is possible if the Korean Electronics thinks about it naturally, and for such information you have to jump right from here.

Indications of that comes directly from the reports in Korean publications, claiming that LG has partnered with local biometrics specialist Irience to integrate the feature in the future smartphone. Development, which is at its best in advanced stage too, with the hardware module already completed.

Still have work to be done on the software side of things, but the estimate is that two to three months from now the tech will be ready. Said that the engineers are pretty much focused on increasing the scanning range from the current 30cm to a more usable arms-length, is 50cm.

However, LG haven’t yet joined the fingerprint sector and might as well skip the feature altogether and offer iris recognition instead. Now, we all need to wait and witness whether that will indeed happen in the mysterious second company flagship in 2015. Expect it this fall, or the G4 successor with Eye recognistion a year from now.

For such implementation on smartphone, you can either check this new and recently announced Vivo X5Pro – iris recognition already present.

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