LG Reportedly To Unveil 4G-Enabled G Watch R2 Smartwatch At MWC 2015 [Rumors]

Not only LG but many big manufacturers fairly joined the smartwatch game this year, and now it looks like LG 4G Smartwatch in the works. Rumors claiming that LG is reportedly working on its G Watch R successor, dubbed the G Watch R2 with 4G connectivity.


According to a recent report from Business Korea, the LG G Watch R successor will be the first ever smartwatch to support 4G network. Announcement expected to be witnessed at Mobile Wolrd Conference (MWC) 2015 and will likely to compete with Samsung Gear S that supports 3G calling and connectivity.

Now that, specs regarding to the yet-unannounced G Watch R successor are scarce at the moment. But the next LG smartwatch will apparently be dubbed the “LG G Watch R2”, which suggests that this 4G-enabled wearable could be a direct competitor to the G Watch R, employing a circular dial rather than a square-ish design.

We will meet you in Spain in February-March MWC 2015 keynote to see whether LG will officially announce its new 4G smartwatch there or not. Yet another speculation comes out as LG is also believed to be working on a smart stylus accessory like Samsung’s S Pen, which LG’s called to be the ‘G Pen’, release alongside its next flagship. Stay tuned!


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