Look At New Start Screen Of Windows 10 TP Build 10070 Shows 4 Medium Tiles

We aren’t sure whether these screenshots are real taken to action, but the image below claims that it captured from a new build 10070 version of Windows 10 Technical Preview, and the most obvious change would be the new layout of the start screen, that shows off four medium tiles on the Start screen. There is much more things like this, and details can be checked after this fold.

If you look at the new Start screen, there’s a space between the tile which is also reduced. Whatever it may be, it could change in the official iteration, and now, we got only a single screenshot leads us to suspect this might be a fake, after all.

Worth pointing out that this build 10070 also contains the new Office preview apps, as well as a new store icon that is super huge for some reason. Reduced distance between the tiles is the main noticeable change in the new build.

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What do you think about another extra column of tiles on the Start screen on your Windows 10?

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