Looks Like Google Play Android Apps Headed Towards Chrome OS

The source code of the Google Play integration appears on users’ devices suggesting that “over million apps” could be headed to Chrome OS. Android apps on Play Store, expected to appear on the Google’s Chrome OS very soon. Discovered by a Reddit user, who recently found it across the developer version of the Chrome OS with an option that run Andrid apps on it.

Android apps merge into Chrome OS.
It seems Google brought the ability first to run Android apps on Chrome OS, with a project called the “App Runtime for Chrome (ARG)”. Indeed, Google built an Android runtime on Chrome OS and collaborated with select developers to port a handful of apps. Now it looks like Google is ready to throw millions of Android apps onto the platform by bringing the wholesome Play Store to Chrome OS.

The latest discovery was being tested on Chromebooks, which feature a cleaner UI in line with Material Design and of course the ability to get apps from the Google Play. Spotted this feature in Chrome OS v51, accompained by a checkbox in their device’s Setting menu that reads “Enable Android Apps to Run On your Chromebook.” Now, the option disappeared immediately, so it’s possible to click on its confirmation box. Where you will be able to replicate this on your second-gen Chromebook Pixel running the developer build.

In addition to that aforementioned, the Chrome OS’s source code appears to show off Chromebook users will soon get access to the “more than a million” games and apps on the Google Play Store. However, only a handful of Android apps including Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine were ported to Chrome OS.

If Google Play Store arrives on Chrome OS, then, it does mean the Chrome Web Store’s days are ending? While Google Play supports payments in 136 countries, and the Chrome Web Store only takes it in 36 countries.

Whatever, we will hear any official news about Google Play Android Apps coming to Chrome OS, during Google I/O keynote, we will let you know to spread.

(Source: Reddit)

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