Luxottica Hints About The Next Google Glass Arrival

The Eyewear maker Luxottica said that the next generation Google Glass would be out soon, where the company is continuing itsw partnership with Google to make Glass a bit more stylish than its firt implementation. No idea on Google really have pulled trhe plug on the Explorer edition of its Google Glass, but it now looks like the Big G has been steadfast in insisting a new variant of the controversial wearable computer will be coming out under the direction of Nest boss Tony Fadell. More details on Luxottica and the new Google Glass Explorer Edition production can be checked right after this jump.

Italian Eyewear maker Luxottica says the next Google Glass is coming soon
Luxottica is the world’s largest Italian Eyewear company which already have control over most of the best brands that operate in the Industry. Brand like Oakley, Ray-Ban et al and retailers such as Sunglass Hut and many other owned brands by Luxottica Group. For instance, the firm has several other fashion label eyewears such as Versace, Bulgari etc, also manufactured under Luxottica license.

If the company can bring some of that style to Glass, people might be a bit more friendly to it the second time around. Mr Massimo Vian (CEO of Luxottica) who was in California said that what we saw was the version one, and working on version 2, also pointing to be steadily putting their efforts on version 3 of the Google Glass, but     He did not stated a specific release time frame though.

We have time to see the version 2 of Google Glass which will be cheaper, have better battery life and launch with a best display and improved sound quality as well. Stay tuned!


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