Metal-Clad OnePlus 2 Teased By The Company’s CEO

It is the sequel of the OnePlus One smartphone, called it OnePlus 2. Revealed numerous times teasing its hardware and software components, including the fact that the successor will be equipped with an improved Sandragon 810 v2.1 Chipset clocked at 1.8GHz instead of 1.2GHz CPU onboard. Details on the best OnePlus 2 specs and features can be found right here.

The company has also teased that the OnePlus 2 will sport an industry-leading Fingerprint Scanner, which said to be faster and more reliable than Apple’s Touch ID. Now that judging by a teaser post from none other than Pate Lau on Weibo, all the aforementioned components will be wrapped in a metal build shell.

Although the OnePlus 2 teased, coming with metal body or at least a metallic chassis, said by Pete Lau when asked “how to define full metal” on Weibo. OnePlus CEO points that the OnePlus 2 could be wrapped in metal and that is the most exciting thing we can gather from his Weibo activity.

To compete with Meizu Mx5, OnePlus 2 will alltogether wearing a “Full Metal Jacket”? If the company already decided to adopt a metal build, then we are ging to witness it at the OnePlus 2 launch on July 27. Stay tuned!

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