Microsoft Admits To Take Control Over Windows 10 Firmware Updates

Its official now! Microsoft will have full control over firmware updates for Windows 10 handsets, PCs, tablets and other running gadgets. Just after taking away its promise on free Windows 10 upgrades for prated or non-genuine Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 offering, the Redmond-based software maker has said, will be the only one to have control on future updates in order to ensure that all Windows 10 hardware will get important security and reliability fixes as they become available. Details on this news can be gragged right after this fold.

Windows 10 was already said to be the last OS version from Microsoft, as it will be honored as a service and opt like Apple-like approach to smartphone updates all but garuntees minimal levels of fragmentation in the OS ecosystem. Wireless carriers, especially in the United States have control over firmware updates for smartphones running Android and Windows Phone devices.

Now that the wireless carriers will not be left completely out of Windows 10 update process, rather receive firmware builds for testing purposes alongside members of the Windows Insider Program. Reportedly, the carriers will be able to just input an update when its ready to go live for everyone.

Notably, this new Microsoft’s approach to updates will be available only for smartphones that are already shipping with the unreleased Windows 10. Windows Phone 8.1 users are scheduled to get Windows 10 upgrade will depend on carriers to push it, further leading to potentially long wait times.

Apple was the only one player in such field having been the luxury of seedong iOS updates to all compatible hardware globally. Android on the other hand have a huge OS fragmentation because it has allowed carriers control, thus leading to a high in the ecosystem (ex: Android Lollipop boots on only 10% of all hardware).

Microsoft now stepping towards this and aims at reducing fragmentation within its own Windows 10 OS ecosystem gradually. How it will control is to be seen in the upcoming days or weeks. Windows 10 for phones is expected to arrive at some point this fall. Stay tuned!


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