Microsoft Data SIM Card For Windows Phones Launch Expected Soon

It seems like the US-based software maker is working on its own SIM cards for Windows Phones, though. Released a ‘Cellular Data’ app on its Windows Store recently, and listing now suggests it requires a “Microsoft Data SIM Card“. App that enable select Windows 10-powered devices to seamlessly connect to its mobile networks without a contract. Rather by simply using a Microsoft account.

New app listed on Microsoft Store has shown of speculation that the software giant is planning on introducng its own branded SIM-card. The app asks if users are “looking for a reliable, convinient way to stay connected everywhere you go, even when WiFi isn’t available?” The additional metadata then seems to suggest that Windows Mobile maker is planning on solving this problem by announcing its own SIM-card that can be used and paid for through a MS account on branded Microsoft handset.

Reports also suggests that Micrsoft could be planning to create its own mobile virtual networks to allow Windows 10 Lumia users to connect to other carriers, whereas the app listing on Microsoft Store shows up that users can purchase a plan anywhere it wil available and simply have to click on the WiFi icon in the app and choose Cellular Data from a list of networks available.

What looks like sense is that, Microsoft intends on releasing a branded SIM solution that can not only be utilized on certain Windows devices, but can also be instantly topped up and paid for using payment details linked against a Microsoft account. Description of the app confirms that as a user you will be able to “connect with – and pay for – a mobile data plan on your Windows 10 device using only your Microsoft account information“. It further stipulates that this is “the easiest way to get online using a trusted nationwide network“. Catch here is that, what? You need a Microsoft SIM card that doesn’t actually exist. Yet!

Specifically, the SIM and Cellular Data app will be designed to work purely with those modern Windows 10 devices that don’t have telephone calling facility and capabilities as the Microsoft SIM in question will offer data connectivity only. Whatever Microsoft is planning currently, will only be available on a very specific Windows 10-powered devices. Furtermore, the service will only be available in particular domestic markets only with Microsoft stipulating that “international raoming offers will be available soon.”

It somehow looks like Microsoft has an infrastructure and a fairly robust roadmap in mind for this connectivity solution. The existence of the app, and the internal plans to manufacture and roll out a SIM, may be hinting at the very first time. Guess what, we would suggest that Transtels’ recent announcement – chosen as a “service provider for Windows 10 cellular data service on select Windows 10 devices” has a lot more to go by, do with this going forward.

For now, Microsoft hasn’t announced any details on when the SIM cards will be available or from where, but with the app description already live on the store, and the provider in place, it’s surely not be long until we see it go live.

(Via: The Verge, Source: Microsoft Store)

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