Microsoft Lumia 535 Gets Updated Now Fixes Touchscreen Trials, Coming Soon!

The Redmond-based software giant finally acknowledged the touchscreen issues that the Microsoft Lumia 535 has been encountering have been widely documented and first of all confirmed the problems earlier this month, and as expected plans to roll out a fix that would come on December 27.


It now looks like Microsoft is hard at work, since the new firmware update for Lumia 535 is already rolling out “in selected markets”. Obviously, this new software incorporates the highly-awaited touchscreen fix, according to the changelog.

With the new firmware the update also brings Cortana to the table, which is now available in more countries, whereas the action center lets you easily turn your mobile data connection On or Off, so that you can be able to schedule phone updates imminently. Finally and unsurprisingly some unnamed stability and performance improvements are also in it as well.

Just after applying the update, you will be running on Windows Phone version 8.10.14219.341 and build 02054.00000.14485.370xx. Download it and install now, and to check whether its available in your country, you can do so using this tool right from here.

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