Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Preview Gets Updated With New Look and Features

OS X Yosemite users got a good news, Microsoft today updated its Office 2016 for Mac Preview and it’s just after a month after its first launched into the worldwide web. With an updated Office 2016 Mac Preview, it brings with it a fresh look and new features. Word eventually received the most new inclusions while NoteOne has received no new featuress. Visual updates include a colored top bar and a more refined bottom bar for Word, Excel and PowerPoint; OutLook and OneNote left behind from receiving visual updates. More details on the Office 2016 for Mac Preview can be checked after this break.

The new version of Word gets scrolling performance improvements, new user info settings in preferences, support for the most popular Word keyboard shortcuts, improved support for VoiceOver and other enhancements and bug fixes. New features include on the Office 2016 for Mac are: “custom dictionary” and “exclude dictionary” support, a new search feature for online document templates and a new Macro recording feature.

While the OutLook’s improvements include networking  enhancements for Exchange accounts, bug fixes and a new feature called Propose New Time. Meeting attendees can now propose a new time for a conference and the keynote organizers can even view the proposed time and modify meeting proposals and then send updates to all of the public (attendees).

The new look of Microsoft Word in Office 2016 and old on Mac Preview

Additionally, the Excel include a new new Analysis Toolpack, a new feature called “Solver” and improved support for VoiceOver and bug fixes. Finally, the PowerPoint users are treated with an improved VoiceOver support and known bug fixes altogether.

The free version of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Preview is available at no cost for all OS X users running Yosemite. Miccrosoft also plans to officially launch its software in the second half of 2015, following the beta testing period.

Have you tried the new and updated version of Office 2016 for Mac Preview? Share your thoughts right from the usual channels.

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