Microsoft Opens An Official Hardware Store On Amazon India [Reports]

Online sales which we are talking about isn’t anything new for Microsoft India and aiming to be central destination for buying all things related to Redmond giant, launched an official storefront on Amazon India.

Microsoft launches an official device store on Amazon India
The local representative although been offering software for quite some time now, but other than Windows, Office suits and a variety of development tools, the official Microsoft store doesn’t offer from the US tech giant’s extensive device lineup. Available through various dealers, not directly from the central, official marketplace existed up until now.

Talking about the online catalog, which is growing in terms of the products on offer. Amazon on the other hand also running deals on several items. For instance, Lumia 1320 is now selling for Rs. 14,999 ($240). The Lumia 625 is also on discount and available to buy at Rs. 9,030 ($144). And the store is practically new and is still rapidly building up a portfolio.

The store lists a variety of products across categories including Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, Office, Laptops, Tablets and Accessories. Seems that most every physical product which Microsoft has to offer could potentially be distributed through the Amazon India channel.

Microsoft in particular taken steps to address that and has launched an official device store, through Amazon India. Currently, Amazon page only has a few active deals, that includes two new Xbox One bundles, but nevertheless looks promising and it should be only a matter of days until the whole thing gains momentum.

Finally, Microsoft mentions that its device store will host the best deals and exclusive launches, so it should be interesting to see what actually we have in stores in the coming months. Stay tuned and check out the source link below to see if there’s anything listed that attracts your choice.

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