Microsoft Reportedly Investing In Cyanogen To Take Android From Google

Now that after hearing about the breaking news, Microsoft will reportedly be a minor invester in the custom Android ROM builder. Confused? Not to be, while the news just goes with some interesting topics regarding Microsoft and Cyanogen investment plans and somewhat like that. Full story right after this fold!

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Microsoft will be investing in Cyanogen Inc., the Android ROM builder. Reports says that the Redmond-based software maker would become a part of “minority invester” in a $70 million round of financing that values Cyanogen in the “high hundreds of millions“.

Cyanogen, is such creater which takes Android Source Code and modifies it, by adding more customizable features and porting it to other devices. OnePlus One, is the smartphone, which Cyanogen has started supplying Android builds directly to OEMs, which evidently ships the software on devices instead of stock Android.

Last week in San Fransisco, Cyanogen’s CEO said that the company’s goal was to “take Android away from Google.” It wants to replace Google Play ecosystem with cutom apps of its own, and in the same way how Amazon uses the AOSP (Android Source Code Project) for its Kindle Fire gadgets but of course adds its own app and content stores.

Google on the other hand pushes a lot more requirements on Android OEMs. If they want the Play Store, it also forces them to take all other Google products and services. There is also an “anti-fragmentation clause,” which forbids OEMs from selling Android devices without Google Play. But nevertheless, Cyanogen’s Android distributions won’t have any such limitations, neither would a self-made AOSP build.

With Microsoft investment in the company would be the latest in ties to Android. Microsoft is thought to make more from Android patent licensing fees than it does from Windows Phone. Although it purchased Nokia, even then the company sold Android-based handsets. Currently, as per the WSJ, Microsoft will apparently become an investor in a company that sells an Android distribution.

How much would you think Microsoft will invest on Cyanogen to take Android away from Google? Guess! (Via)

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