Microsoft Surface Phone Leak Confirms Snapdragon 830, 8GB RAM Inisde Windows 10 Ecosystem

If this report is to be believed then Microsoft‘s Surface Phone will be the first smartphone maker to bring 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 830 on-board. Although it was revealed that Microsoft will be releasing three Surface Phone models in 2017, and just after that, today another clue accidentally leaked suggesting some more information on what eaxctly the Surface Phone is bringing with it.

However, Microsoft’s predictably named Surface Phone is apparently going to be a Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse of high-end specifications, which received another set to boost its previous rumors. Grabbed on Microsoft’s ‘Minimum hardware requirements’ page for Windows 10 are a list of chipsets that the operating system is compatible with. Detailing the Surface Phone will be powered by Snapdragon 830 (codenamed MSM8998), which is nevertheless a Qualcomm’s yet-unannounced chipset – arguably listed under SoCs that supports Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Then the Surface Phone’s SD830 chip assumed to support 8GB of RAM memory and at the same time use Samsung’s 10nm production process. If that’s the case, then, that would tie in with Microsoft working on a new hardware with significant levels of memory, processor power, and enhanced graphical capabilities.

Analysts also suggests that the Surface Phone is going to be a supercar-styled smartphone, how stylish is to be witnessed very soon. With that said, the Surface Phone will follow the rest of the Surface line at its best in class device architecture. Likewise, the Surface 3 takes on Android tablets and the regular iPad; the Surface Pro 4 targets at the iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, high-end Android-powered devices, and of course a number of Windows 10 ultraportables; and the Surface Book will be targeting the wholesome laptop series capable of in 2017.

Now, it’s Microsoft leading the design charge in this space, which was booked by MacBook range for a long time. The Surface Phone is trigerred at business, and commercial consumers, while the Redmond-based software maker is apparently planning to release a demo edition of Surface Phone in 2017 for developers. Microsoft’s primary financial focus could remain on bringing users into its cloud services, that too with the hardware sales a secondary thought.

Is this Surface Phone? No idea what you are talking about!
To take advantage of such, Microsoft’s Surface Phone needs to scream new technology, innovation, and probably be the ulitimate smartphone. The Surface Phone seems to be less about commercial success and Windows powered smartphones already making great use of Qualcomm’s current chipset, which might make it perfect sense that the flagship chip from the San Diego-based manufacturer will lie under the heart of Microsoft’s mobile line.

Still there’s time for Surface Phone unveil, but it supposedly be built by the same team that built Microsoft Surface and Surface Book.

(Thanks: Forbes)

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