Microsoft Teases New Interactive Live Tiles Coming To Windows 10

There’s something that can make us think about the modern day Windows, is Microsoft’s Live Tiles. Originally making their debut as part of Windows Phone and then migrating to anything Microsoft can incorporate them into. Is working on making its signature Live Tiles much more interactive and capable for a couple of years now. Live Tiles are somewhat icons that offer lively info to users rather than being static buttons for people to tap, also helps them to make Windows on all platforms feel, well, live.

The Redmond-based software maker has however tweaked the Live Tiles UI several times since Windows 8’s original introduction, while the fundamental way you interact with Windows 10’s Live Tiles remains the same, though. That might be about to chanbge now. At this point, the Live Tiles are pretty well established, that doesn’t mean that nobody wants to see them evolve into something a little more – a little better.



At Microsoft’s Build developers conference this week, the company is holding a session entitled “What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications”. If the sessions for the upcoming Build conference are anything to go by, Live Tiles in Windows 10 might be about to get a facelift. Although the session teases that Live Tiles are coming, and reads the session notes as “Live Tiles are evolving with two highly-requested surprises that you won’t want to miss.” Microsoft’s Windows 10 was originally supposed to ship with interactive Live Times, but it seems Microsoft might be ready to include them in an update.

Concepts have, in the past, suggested that interactive Lie Tiles may offer new, with tiles offering something easy and quick way to reply to messages, or interact with notifications within apps and data as it is presented in real-time. Instead of tapping on a tile to reply to an email, scrolling through your messages from within the Tile and real inline. In fact, Windows 10 was said to have interactive tiles from the get go, as aforementioned, but Microsoft has decided to make futher polish the linked APIs, as this feature has the potential to change the way users interact with apps on the platform. Not having to open apps to see data is what made Live Tiles so interactive in the first place, and having them would definitely give them an extra dimension.

Whatever the session speaks off, Build 2016 kicks off this week, at which time, everything will be revealed there.


Description of the aforementioned “What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications” session of Build 2016

(Source: Microsoft Channel 9)

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